Sandy Hook

IMG_3202Sandy Hook Speedway is a small, tucked away, friendly race cart track that hosts NJ MiniGP a few times a year. It’s located in Street, MD and is a 0.4 mile racetrack with eight turns. Colin and I came to help Brandon Paasch with his bikes since our good friend Andy Reiss was unable to be there, but wanted to make sure Brandon could race in order to pick up points for his championships. Basically, to keep gas in the bikes so that he could ride as much as he wanted to… which was pretty much the entire day, minus about 30 minutes where he sat and had a PB&J and hydrated.

Surprisingly, a few other friends also showed up to play and were warned never to attend a MiniGP event without gear! Love these guys! Though still competitive, the camaraderie of this group of riders could not be ignored. The positive attitude that Ryan Fleming, who runs NJ MiniGP, has surrounding his series should be commended. The ages of the riders start as young as five years old and go to… well, as long as you can get into your leathers and twist that throttle. You’ll see older kids helping younger kids, kids giving tips to adults and vice versa. The only separation you see is the race classes, which are divided by age and bike specifications, and most riders bring several bikes that qualify for different classes.

Rain plagued the day, keeping the track wet, but that didn’t stop everyone from going out to slide around for a few laps! All the major players were out, and the competition on the track was close. Brandon, Anthony Mazziotto III, Michael Smith and even Chris Maher were all out there racing around. There were a few ‘slip’ ups but all in all it was a clean race day! Brandon ended up going home with three second place plaques. Lil’ Mazz, Anthony, took home two firsts and two third places while Michael Smith scored a first and a fourth.

To learn more about the NJ MiniGP series, please visit their website If you are looking for a friendly yet competitive series for your child to start in, I would highly recommend this series!


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