Yard of Bricks


Out of the blue, Colin decided to make a few phone calls and found out from the United States Auto Club that we could volunteer to flag marshal the Red Bull Indianapolis GP. Since we were already trained from flagging with The Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club (MARRC), we were welcomed with open arms! We made a hotel reservation and were on our way!

IMG_3508-©800pxWith an upcoming GP, you never want to hear ‘chance of rain’ in the weather forecasts. It was drizzling, cold, windy, and overall not favorable when we got to the track. Luckily the dreary conditions couldn’t bring down our excitement; 10 hours and 570 miles later, we arrived at Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Having never been to Indy, the shear size of the compound and its labyrinth of entrances were a bit daunting. According to Indy Speedway, “You could fit Vatican City, Roman Colliseum, Wimbledon Campus, Rose Bowl, Kentucky Derby and Yankee Stadium with room to spare!”

After we reached the USAC office and checked in, we were allowed to walk-the-track. As we reached the fencing, we were received by the roar of the BMW Pace vehicle. Added to the Bucket List: Get a ride in the MotoGP Pace Car! It was lightly raining, but we were determined to see the Yard of Bricks and walk at least a part of the 2.62 mile track. Armed with our trusty ponchos which were in our flag marshal survival kits, we started walking. The enormity of Indy was impressive. I was actually quite surprised by the green and white berm that starts at T4 and through T5. We always thought it was paving, but it’s actually made of metal with a textured surface to allow for some grip.

We made a valiant attempt, but only made it to turn F5a before we were soaked and cold. I think we will need to remember to bring some wheels  the next time we attempt this!

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