MotoGP will return to Indianapolis in 2013

Photo: Steve Hoedecker

Apparently all the whispering that we heard this past weekend at the 2012 Red Bull Indianapolis GP that Dorna officials were unhappy about the track conditions and was not returning to IMS in 2013 were all just rumor and meer speculation. IMS released on their website yesterday that “IMS, Dorna To Announce 2013 Red Bull Indianapolis GP Date” sometime in mid-August of 2013. I found it interesting that they specifically quoted Jeff Belskus the president and CEO of the Indianapolis Moto Speedway Corporation saying that IMS would remain “on the MotoGP schedule schedule for 2012, 2013 and 2014” as if to squash any further rumors that may emerge. I found a news release by MotoGP back in September of 2011 of the agreement made by Belskis and Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta that “Indianapolis Motor Speedway set to host MotoGP until 2014“.

This quick news release only one day following a Qualifying session that would be best described as a crashfest! Since I was sitting in corner station F5a, I was listening to everything  over the radio and what was being aired on the big screen and speakers. Watching the best of the best riders crash in the same spot on the track. Stoner, Spies, Hayden and almost Rossi all violently crashing in similar fashion at the same spot could only be contributed to track conditions. I’m definitely not an expert but when the 3 of the world’s best riders have huge crashes at the same spot you don’t need to be an expert to conclude that something isn’t right. What exactly was wrong is unclear since nothing official was released but as we were shuttled off the track Saturday afternoon, we saw workers drilling and sweeping all in the same areas of the crashes. In defense, some of the commotion might have been due to the XR1200 crashfest but the drilling probably didn’t.

Trying to remember back to the things we heard over the weekend not quite putting it all together yet is difficult, but I remember hearing mention of parts of the track that were falling apart, metal sticking out of the track burns and/or run off and temporarily coning if off. I remember being quite concerned for rider safety. In all seriousness, who really does it hurt if the conditions aren’t ideal, not the officials that deem it to be safe or the spectators but rather the riders that pour their heart and soul into the sport that they love. The sport that they would continue to participate in with broken ankles, collarbones, wrists, etc. Since no other racing organization races on the inner track but MotoGP, I do hope that they correct all the problems that we saw over this past weekend and test them before they risk the lives of these riders!

I found this video compiled on LiveLeak of the “Indianapolis MotoGP ***3 huge high-sides” posted by a spliffy1966.

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