Packed up and on the road

Lights- check. Camera- check. Action- not quite yet! If you have ever wondered why photographers charge extra for on-site shoots, well this is why. This is how much stuff I have to pack for an on-site location shoot, and I'm packing light. Thank goodness for my trusty '97 4Runner. I wish it were as easy... Continue Reading →

Test prints are in!

Calibrating my monitor is like the bane of  my existence, not really... ok kinda. I spent an hour in i1Profiler adjusting the gamma, turning on and off the lights, opening and closing the curtains patiently recalibrating. Cringing every time I had to touch my monitor (which by the way is a a big no no... Continue Reading →

Going old school

Getting ready for Fall Fête at Frizzles of Springfield and realized I procrastinated too long to order cards, so had to take it old skool! Pulled out the spray mount, roller, my trusty Xacto I still have from college, cutting mat and my metal ruler (actually my dad's from his college years that I 'borrowed'.... Continue Reading →


I booked a shoot with Valerie before my pro-lights came in. She was able to not melt and stay beautiful under 8 hot work lights! I think the temperature in the room was 101° ... or at least it felt that way! Colin assisted by snapping a phone pic for us. Ikea curtains made a... Continue Reading →

Lily wanted to help

Gotta love when you're working to set up your studio, trying to test lights and lenses... and your furry friend decides to lend a helping hand... or paw. Maybe she was trying to help hold the backdrop down? Can't get mad, the lights did make the room a lot warmer. Either that or Lily wanted... Continue Reading →

Getting ready to launch a Mynds Eye

I've been casually taking photographs of everything under the sun for over 10+ years from my dad's old Minolta SLR (which will always hold a piece of my heart and I will keep forever) to a Nikon SLR (that I picked up for $20 at a garage sale... thanks Tim!) to making a more serious... Continue Reading →

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