Technical difficulties

Well, after thinking I had lost my mind trying to retouch a strange blotchy pattern out of the top left hand corner of a photo, I realized that it was in the screen. I can now admit that it took me more than a few hours of getting frustrated to come to this conclusion. After... Continue Reading →


A perfect afternoon with the Elrahimy family at Black Hill Regional Park. We were blessed with perfect weather and a beautiful sunset. The kids were a little camera shy in the beginning but warmed up in no time and were giving me everything they had... funny faces and all! Here are a few of the... Continue Reading →


Caleb got his pictures taken for his 2 month birthday and was picture perfect for Mommy and Daddy's Xmas cards! I think he will be the most handsome on his daycare board, no doubt! As faithful Virginia Tech Alumni, we couldn't resist showing some school spirit! H-O-K-I-E-S! HOKIES!

Editing babies is hard!

One question: Why is it soo hard to edit babies? They're all soo cute! Who cares if it's not exactly in focus (at all)! I know I don't care right now! The funny faces are the best! Excuse me, I have to go put my 'editing' hat on and get back to work! ... aww... Continue Reading →


I spent the afternoon with Drew. He stayed home because he was sick and wasn't feeling well, but loved having his picture taken that he posed for me for about an hour. Check out his baby blues...

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