“Don’t fire ’til you see the whites of their eyes.”


The Bunker Hill Monument located in Charlestown, Massachusetts was built to commemorate the Battle of Bunker Hill. We visited and climbed this 221 foot granite obelisk. It resembles our own Washington Monument, but only in shape. It is less than half the size. After some negotiating, I convinced my boyfriend to climb the 294 steps to the top.

At about step 50 (I made the excuse of wanting to take a picture to actually catch my breath, see picture of steps ha), I reconsidering the wisdom of trying to climb 254 steps with a heavy camera bag and in the sub-zero temps of Boston in December!! Half frozen and completely exhausted we made it to step 254 and the view was beautiful. I did my best to capture it, but unfortunately there was either metal grates or plexiglass was pretty dirty and scratched up on the windows, so please excuse the not so nice pictures of the view. I really wish I could have focused past but it just wasn’t going to happen and my fingers were pretty much useless because they were frozen!! *Photo Tip: Buying a pair of gloves is essential to shooting in the cold! Try Freehands or fingerless gloves… or in my case have a fellow photographer friend feel sorry for you and knit you a pair. Thanks Mui! 🙂

Descending was much easier!! All kidding aside, the Bunker Hill Monument is a must visit if you are in Charlestown, MA especially in the warmer months! Extra bonus is that you can visit St. Mary’s Church on the short walk from the T stop! Click here for more information from the National Park Service, if you want to visit the Bunker Hill Monument for yourself.


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