Please don’t pick the blossoms

I was out enjoying the beautiful weather in DC and taking pictures of the Cherry Blossoms when I was disturbed by this man. He just happened to be in my shot, which was not a big deal. There were many people out also enjoying the blossoms as well, and I was sitting patiently. He looked harmless, until he started twisting one of the branches back.

I couldn’t believe my eyes; that he was doing this right in the middle of everyone, so I did as any photographer would and snapped a picture. Maybe he didn’t know better, I thought to myself, but I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what he was doing. Immediately after he snapped the small branch off, he tucked it into his roll of papers ironically titled “National Cherry Blossom Festival, Spring starts here” paper trying to be discrete and walked away with great haste. Btw, when commiting a crime, it may not be wise to do it only a few feet away of someone with a large lense and camera pointed straight at you!


I contemplated whether I wanted to post this since I am trying to ‘focus on the positive’, but after finding out that after a twig is broken off of a tree, new blossoms will never grow from that part of the tree again, I felt compelled to share my thoughts (aka. rant). A few years back I saw a grown man hanging upside from a limb and I could almost hear the branch cracking. I kind of wished it would have so he’d have fallen on his head and then gotten fined and made an example of, oops did I say that out loud? There are signs everywhere that ask people not to climb the trees or pick the blossoms but there are always a few out there that don’t seem to follow the rules, or in this case the law! According to the National Park Service “Gathering or possessing natural products such as fruit, nuts, blossoms, or plants in the park is prohibited.” as well “Climbing trees…in the park is prohibited.”

This is a national festival for everyone, you don’t pay to get in, it’s there for everyone to participate in and enjoy for FREE. It commemorates our friendship with Japan. So I plead with those few, don’t ruin it for the rest of us. If you want to take the blossoms home with you this weekend, take it in the form of a picture, buy a poster or a postcard… better yet, buy a picture from me! 🙂 Just leave these beautiful gifts that the city of Tokyo gave to our nation’s capital there for everyone to enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Please don’t pick the blossoms

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  1. I’m pretty sure! Whether he knew it was illegal, I don’t know, but the speed at which he picked it, and tucked it away in his magazine and speed-walked off was astonishing! It was less than 10 seconds, and he definitely didn’t approach the tree with that expediency.

  2. I’m sure if he had the same tree on his lawn and someone did what he did he’d freak out on them. I have 2 cherry blossom trees in front for my house. They are pretty but they make a major mess in my driveway and on my cars. Plus we track the leaves into the cars and house. They’d look a whole lot better on someone else lawn 🙂

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