Inaugural day at Circuit of the Americas

Negotiations for MotoGP to come to Circuit of Americas (COTA) after completion began in 2011. Construction came to a halt shortly after a because of a Breach of Contract dispute between owners, promoters and race management. After they came to a resolution, it was once again plagued with more controversy with a lawsuit filed by Kevin Schwantz’s company 3FourTexas against COTA and Steve Sexton over rights to hold MotoGP races in Austin. With the lawsuit between Schwantz still unresolved, COTA moved forward and announced on October 3, 2012 that they would be hosting MotoGP for the first Red Bill Grand Prix of The Americas in April 2013.

With the lawsuit of COTA trying to cut native Texan Schwantz out of the negotiations of the bringing MotoGP to Austin and more recent negative press still looming over COTA from escorting Schwantz out of track on the private testing day last month, COTA opens it’s doors for the first time to MotoGP fans to host the first Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas. I would have preferred more positive press surrounding this event, but it’s better than no race!

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