1000 Buddhas

Jinbaoshan 金寶山, which translates to ‘Golden Treasure Mountain’ is a serene cemetery site located in the Yangmingshan  陽明山 mountains on the north coast of Taiwan. Jinbaoshan is known for its vast burial sites and tower covering the mountainside, its view of the north coast, many sculpture gardens and the gravesite of famous Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng. Thousands of visitors come each year to this private cemetery to visit her gravesite, and tour the breathtaking grounds. The facilities are immaculate and even houses a restaurant in the main visitor building.

As I was guided through the grounds, what caught my attention here was the 1000 Buddha 千佛石窟 sculptures carved into the stone mountainside. I tried, but lost count of how many sculptures there were since so many of them were hidden behind others and in every crevice. It was simply beautiful! I unfortunately am unclear who the artist is, if you do have more information, please leave a comment and I can update the information to give proper credit.

I was enamored by the stone carvings, but they were only a small fraction of what Jingbaoshan held. Below are a few pictures of a few more of the beauty that is contained on this breathtaking mountainside!


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