Taipei Confucius Temple

The first generation of the Taipei Confucius Temple also known as 臺北孔子廟, was originally constructed in 1879. From what I can gather from some searching on the Internet, it was originally located where the current Taipei First Girls High School is now located. The original temple was torn down during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan in 1907, to build “Taipei State Taipei First Girls’ High School” later named the “Taiwan Provincial Taipei First Girls’ High School” after the retrocession of Taiwan in 1945. The Taipei Confucius Temple is now located on donated farmland on Dàlóng St in Taipei City, Taiwan. The reconstruction of the current Taipei Confucius Temple started 1927, and through another Japanese occupation, was finally completed to it’s final layout with the Minglun Hall in 1956.

The main Dacheng Hall (pictured above) is the main structure in the temple. It is surrounded by several beautifully decorated gates, halls, walls and gardens, totaling over 100,00 sq ft completing the entire temple. It’s a very peaceful escape, where you will most likely find many people wandering, resting and praying throughout the day, even when the weather isn’t as opportunistic, like the day I visited.

You can also purchase a wooden prayer card and follow the “Prayer Ritual” and  leave your own prayer for a blessing within the walls of the temple. I found some of what was written on the prayer cards that others left very sentimental to read.


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