AMA Pro SuperSport: Round 1

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Fierce race between Mark Miller, Wyatt Farris, Cody Wyman, Armando Ferrer, and Dustin Dominguez in Turn 3.

AMA Pro SuperSport Race Report
Round 1: Daytona 200 Week
Daytona International Speedway, Florida

by Colin Gibbons
Photography by Winnie Liau, Mynds Eye

©2014 Mynds Eye. All Rights Reserved.
HSBK Racing Dustin Dominguez on his Yamaha.

Last Friday marked the start of the 2014 AMA Pro Racing SuperSport championship at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. With the qualifying time requirements relaxed for this year, and the SuperSport series collapsed into a single national championship, the entrant list was heavily populated for the season’s inaugural race.

Qualifying positions were decided early in the weekend as the fastest times were recorded during the first qualifying session on Thursday. Friday’s early morning second qualifying session saw improvements for very few riders, as track conditions were less favorable.

©2014 Mynds Eye. All Rights Reserved.
Corey looking very cool and relaxed on grid with his boxed water and green shades.

Celtic Racing rider Corey Alexander took an early provisional pole position with what would turn out to be a prophetic performance, lapping a half-second faster than Miles Thornton in second place. Jason Aguilar, Mark Miller, and Wyatt Ferris rounded out the top five in the combined qualifying time sheets.

Corey Alexander who established an early gap, quickly leaving the other front- runners behind to fight for podium positions, categorically dominated race one for the SuperSport series on the short course at Daytona. Alexander went on to win the first race with a comfortable 7.9 second gap back to Celtic teammate Wyatt Farris who took second. Dustin Dominguez managed to secure the final podium spot in race one aboard his Houston Superbikes Yamaha R6.

©2014 Mynds Eye. All Rights Reserved.
Kaleb De Keyrel and Eziah Davis racing down the straight past start finish.
©2014 Mynds Eye. All Rights Reserved.
Corey Alexander wins Race 1 and 2 with ease.

Race two on Saturday concluded in similar fashion when Corey Alexander secured the double win on his Celtic Racing Suzuki, again finishing with a sizable 6.8 second gap in front of teammate Wyatt Farris. It was Hayden Gillim who, barely edging out fourth place finisher Armando Ferrer by 0.038 seconds, claimed third place in the second race of the weekend’s double-header. Clearly the Celtic Racing team could not have hoped for better results from their two SuperSport riders, who will go into round two of the championship with a comfortable margin in the points ahead of Dustin Dominguez. Regardless of how the remainder of the season plays out in SuperSport, one thing that has become clear is that Corey Alexander has what it takes to make a very serious bid for the title and unless someone else can really step up, he may do it without much competition.

©2014 Mynds Eye. All rights reserved.
Corey Alexander shows his fans his excitement after winning Race 2.

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