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My name is Winnie Liau and I wanted to start this blog to be a small escape from the day to day glass-half-empty world of ours! I turn on the news every morning and am disappointed in the human race. If its not people killing people, one country waging war with their neighbors, its one side complaining about the other, or how people aren’t working together!

That said, I’d like to add something more positive to this world. A little something for everyone to Focus On The Positive. Focus on the little things of life that make it worth living! Our friends, our families, our health, our neighbors, our community, the kind person who held the door for you when your hands were full or just because, the smell of banana bread or stinky tofu, the pretty little wild flowers that bloom on my front lawn that other people call weeds… you know where I’m going here. I’m not saying there aren’t things wrong in this world, but lets focus on collaboration and solutions before we criticize.

Call it being an optimist, smiling alot, paying it forward or whatever… let’s celebrate those positive things in our lives! Maybe we can make someone’s day a little brighter, just a little more tolerable… or start a new revolution.

Who am I? I am a freelance photographer, artist, designer, moto enthusiast, cat lover, foodie and Barre addict! I am an experienced manager, designer, coach, artist, and athlete. Throughout my career, I have seen many projects through from ideation to completion and worked in different roles through the process. This has allowed me to become a well rounded Creative Director and also given me a strong background in creating strategic solutions to different challenges. I look for opportunities to contribute and collaborate with passionate visionaries to create innovation.

I created Mynds Eye to provide professional services customized for each client. My specialties include photography, traditional and social marketing and advertising, UX and graphic design and project management. I invite you to preview my PortfolioI would love the opportunity to work with you, let me know how I can help.



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