The Gibbons

Who says you can't have a little fun with your family portraits? The Gibbons family sure did! What a great way to break the ice! It was all laughs after that!

Why Blog?

I wanted to start this blog, not just to feature photographs I've taken, but also to be a small escape from the day to day glass-half-empty world of ours! I turn on the news every morning and am disappointed in the human race. If its not people killing people, one country waging war with their neighbors,... Continue Reading →


A perfect afternoon with the Elrahimy family at Black Hill Regional Park. We were blessed with perfect weather and a beautiful sunset. The kids were a little camera shy in the beginning but warmed up in no time and were giving me everything they had... funny faces and all! Here are a few of the... Continue Reading →


What a family! They reminded me of the Brady Bunch so I couldn't resist making their own title page! Spent the day with the Swartz and Patton Family, which I nicknamed the Swarttons! I'm ecstatic to say that they will soon all be under one roof. Another success story! They were about to make... Continue Reading →

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