Every few years, Melissa, an accomplished actress, needs to update her actor comp card with new head shots. She is extremely very easy to work with, because the performer in her always comes out to give me great shots! The actress/comedian inside came out in many of the photos! The hard part was getting the 'boring'... Continue Reading →

The Gibbons

Who says you can't have a little fun with your family portraits? The Gibbons family sure did! What a great way to break the ice! It was all laughs after that!


What a family! They reminded me of the Brady Bunch so I couldn't resist making their own title page! Spent the day with the Swartz and Patton Family, which I nicknamed the Swarttons! I'm ecstatic to say that they will soon all be under one roof. Another success story! They were about to make... Continue Reading →

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