Every few years, Melissa, an accomplished actress, needs to update her actor comp card with new head shots. She is extremely very easy to work with, because the performer in her always comes out to give me great shots! The actress/comedian inside came out in many of the photos! The hard part was getting the 'boring'... Continue Reading →


Finally got the 2nd of the Gibbons twins out for a shoot. Alison was all nervous because she's never posed for a photographer before, but I think she did great... more like picture perfect!

Test prints are in!

Calibrating my monitor is like the bane of  my existence, not really... ok kinda. I spent an hour in i1Profiler adjusting the gamma, turning on and off the lights, opening and closing the curtains patiently recalibrating. Cringing every time I had to touch my monitor (which by the way is a a big no no... Continue Reading →


I booked a shoot with Valerie before my pro-lights came in. She was able to not melt and stay beautiful under 8 hot work lights! I think the temperature in the room was 101° ... or at least it felt that way! Colin assisted by snapping a phone pic for us. Ikea curtains made a... Continue Reading →

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