Boston Lager


Can’t visit Boston without taking the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour! They ask for a $2 donation but the hour long tour is free! Who can say ‘no’ to FREE beer!

The tour takes you through their testing facility, explains what goes into different beers, a brief history of Sam Adams, and of course ends with a free beer tasting! It actually wasn’t just a lot of guzzling beer, we were shown the art of beer. From the Perfect Pour, to the 5 steps of evaluating the taste and the technology of the Boston Lager Glass… it was quite educational. Did you know you taste beer differently with the tip of your tongue than the back of your tongue? I didn’t, so thoroughly tested the theory out while I was there. Ironically, I determined I didn’t actually really like Boston Lager. The Winter Brew however was more my taste.

If you make it out of the Brewery in need a bit of coffee, there was a great cafe on the other side of the brewery called Ula Café that was incredible! Great coffee, great food! Best of all they had macarons and stroopwafel! Or you can jump on the Party Trolley conveniently located right outside the doors of the Brewery which takes you to Doyle’s! More on Doyle’s tomorrow…

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