Real Beauty

I stumbled onto this video when I was procrastinating and absolutely loved it! So, of course I wanted to share it.

I give Dove a standing ovation to their long running Real Beauty campaign to ‘provoke discussion and encourage debate’ on the subject of women’s self esteem. That said, as a photographer and a photoshop retoucher, I am guilty of adding to our society’s unhealthy distorted reality. How far I retouch something depends on what it’s for and what will sell, but I welcome a change to go back to less photoshop and more ‘Real Beauty’! Honestly, it’s less work/time on computer for me. 🙂 I always hide my layers to look at the before-and-after and see how far I’ve actually altered the photo. Often times I realize I’ve gone a bit too far and tone it back to 30-50% because it looks too unreal to me. I retouched my boyfriend once and when I was done, even toning down layers to 30% looked too fake to me, and any less and I may as well have not wasted my time retouching him, it just didn’t look like him! I guess I could say “I like the way he is”! Love ya babe!

I do think that there is a place for the porcelain doll look in highly artsy/stylized images if it was the artistic intention of the photographer, but not for images that are supposed to show the natural and the real! I recently saw a Facebook page that was for so-called modeling rep agency and photographer that had over 2k likes, posting images that were so retouched that it didn’t even resemble human beings! Photos were soo airbrushed that noses were lost. It made me laugh at first but then realized it was a reflection of the sad reality of today and what people ‘Like’.

I did some looking around about Dove’s campaign and actually found 2 much older videos that apparently Dove released. I can’t find anything that actually says the videos were really from Dove but regardless I found them direct and simply made. There’s a

version for women

and a version for men:

Dove provoked me to want to start a conversation about beauty! “Real beauty isn’t retouched” which is 100% true but what do we as a society consider beautiful? Is it ‘real’ beauty that we care about? It’s definitely not what’s selling and we’re buying! I think we all need to go back and remember beauty starts on the inside and remember Christina Aguilera said it, “you are beautiful in every single way“, inside and out, beautiful imperfections and all. Share what you think about all of this, I’d like to hear your opinions.

BTW, ‘Beautify’ Filter can be found here on Reddit for you retouchers to have some fun! There seems to be no comments, so I’m guessing either no one has downloaded it (which I highly doubt, but really hope that no one did), or no one is willing to admit to downloading and trying to use a “Beautify” filter! Even in the design world, we used to joke around and tell each other <control><d> for design right?


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