Technical difficulties

Well, after thinking I had lost my mind trying to retouch a strange blotchy pattern out of the top left hand corner of a photo, I realized that it was in the screen. I can now admit that it took me more than a few hours of getting frustrated to come to this conclusion. After cleaning it throughly and restarting several times, just in case that solved anything, I was on the phone with Applecare. (Mental note: Thank goodness I got Applecare! It’s saved my a$$ on several occasions!) They made me an appointment and in less than an hour I was driving to the store dropping off my computer and crossing my fingers that I get it back soon! Talk about stressful!


If you ever encounter this, see picture on right, on an 2010 iMac, apparently the battery unit is housed in the top left corner and it at times gets so hot that after time it burns the LCD… or so I was told in the store. They also thankfully ran a full diagnostic and found HD irregularities and decided to replace it as well before anything major occurs just in case. Thank you Genius team and Applecare! … or so I thought!

I got a call less than 48 hours later that my computer was ready to be picked up. So back to the store. I was told that since I ran Time Machine at home, all I had to do is plug it back in and click restore on the prompt. That sounded simple enough. I should have known better, nothing is ever simple! … got home, plugged it in, clicked restore… “Transferring documents… About 16 hours remaining” Really? I said to myself, I have alot of data, breathe. It’s ok, they assured me, and at least I got my computer back AND with a new HD I didn’t know was having problems.

20 hours later, the transfer was complete and I tried to log in and it doesn’t work. It literally took a few minutes for me to input every single letter of my password. Once I finally got it typed in, that little star spindle thing just spun and spun… and I started to have a panic attack. (I had a shoot I promised delivery) Frantically trying to get my boyfriend to help fix the problem simultaneously back on the phone with Applecare I got another appointment at the store. Somewhere in all this shuffling either my boyfriend or I asked the question, would the operating system version effect the restore?  I know I was running OS 10.8 but I had no idea what version OS was returned to me, and since the computer was locking me out, there was no way for me to figure that out, nor was the phone rep able to tell me that. I mentioned that at the store and they told me it probably wasn’t the issue and they knew what was wrong. They ran a few tests, brought the computer down to the black screen with white text, whatever that is called and was unable to figure out the problem. The decided to reload the system, in which I asked again. What OS do you restore on the iMac? Well, OSX 10.7 Lion, but I already upgraded to 10.8 ‘Mountain’ Lion. Would that make a difference? The ‘Genius’ wasn’t sure, there was nothing in the database he referenced or has he encountered this before. He asked me if I paid for the upgrade, which I answered I did, and he said he would restore my computer to 10.8 for me. Thinking that I had just outsmarted the ‘Genius’ I took my computer home. (Mental Note: I will have to come up with a new name for myself… ‘Supreme’ Genius or in the faithful following of Steve Jobs iGenius has a ring to it.)


Got home, and in a much less of a panic since the more I thought about it, I knew I outsmarted the Apple Genius, plugged my iMac in. Prompt appears “… About 4 hours and 12 minutes…” Hallelujah! I am the Supreme Genius!

I had 4 hours to ask myself… all joking aside, simple me couldn’t have outsmarted a trained Genius. I couldn’t have been the 1st person to need a HD replaced. Apple had a checklist that the tech and I had to run through originally, and there was no mention of OS compatibility with what was on my Time Machine. Really? Unbelievable that a company that I have invested alot of time and money in, missed such a simple solution. No way. This solution was too simple! This can’t be!

4 hours later, I am logged in and back working on my computer… with a little less faith in the geniuses of the Genius Bar. Maybe I should get a job there? You think they’d get me a special shirt that says ‘Supreme’ Genius? Ha!

Don’t get me wrong, Of course I will still continue to use Macs and do not regret purchasing Applecare, but maybe Apple should spend a little less time in designing the esthetics of the computer and concentrate on the functionality of the hardware and staff. Maybe, not putting the hot battery behind the LCD would not cause a burning LCD, since I’m now worried that this could happen again in another year when Applecare has expired. Maybe, attention to simple details before going to the complicated solution could have prevented my problems. I called back to the store to tell the staff that it was the OS version that was the problem and that they should check that with all HD replacements before telling customers to restore in case OS versions aren’t the same. I was met with a quick and simple ‘ok I will pass on the message’ that I have doubt that it indeed made it to the right person and will prevent another customer from encountering the same thing. SMH.

I can only hope that my experience made a positive change. Next… better option for the Apple Magic Mouse!

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