Memorial Day Racing 2013


Memorial day isn’t the same without the sounds of either the Harley’s of Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC or the lesser known roars of race bikes down the straight at Summit Point Raceway in WV! The Championship Racing Series, better known as CCS spends every Memorial Day weekend at Summit Main for three days of sportbike road racing. For a modest gate fee, you can spend the weekend watching amateur and expert racers, both young and old, race each other around a two mile road course. There’s nothing more exciting than being able to walk the paddock and meet all the racers. Other than after the second call for their races, they’re all extremely friendly and always welcome a conversation! Most of these racers all have full-time jobs and they race because they love it! It’s a passion for pushing the limits of their bikes and even more so the grip of two small pieces of rubber to the racetrack. Some may call them crazy, but I admire their determination and resilience.

It’s a sight to see and if you’ve never experienced it, you’re missing out!

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